Editing Complete… Maybe?

I’ve finished the main edit on the video and I’ve uploaded it to the project page now.

I feel like there is so much potential for more motion graphics, and I am really keen to add some in still. Unfortunately the pressure of time and three other assignments means I really need to polish them off before spending hours making some more circles and bits and pieces for the video. Hopefully I have the time to do that by the end of the week.



Creative title for this post.

I’ve been smashing together these clips in Premiere, mostly keeping all the cuts on the beat and also playing around with some effects and masking tools. I haven’t used premiere or after effects before this semester, and so its been a pretty steep learning curve to be able to get things animating etc. Fortunately, there are some parallels between using key frames and track automation in music recording. So it isn’t entirely foreign to me.

Image: Jarrad Russell
Image: Jarrad Russell


I crashed my computer a few times drawing some circles and then animating them in after effects.

Image: Jarrad Russell You can zoom in on these circles for a long, long time.
Image: Jarrad Russell
You can zoom in on these circles for a long, long time.

The album art for FLUME’s previous album has circles on the front, and the vinyl for it:

Image: Jarrad Russell
Image: Jarrad Russell

is covered in circles. I filmed this and then saw potential for an animation with these circles. It’s probably the best part of the music video. Either that, or the dodgey light setup from the previous post. You seriously wont believe that I was filming those lights.

Image: Jarrad Russell You:
Image: Jarrad Russell
You: “Why would this look good in a music video, and where are the circles? This is just a messy living room with a bike and a table covered in wax shit that someone didn’t clean up.”

Production Update

Ok, so I’ve been full steam ahead with the filming of my video. Here are some stills from what I’ve been doing.

In the picture below, I was aiming to film rice on my bass amp bouncing up and down a bit with the song. Unfortunately, it exploded everywhere. But this was actually a bit of inspiration for me – the clips in the video didn’t really have much of a plot to them, and at this stage I was basically making a “mood reel” for the song. But this gave me an idea – start the video with circles and only circles, then at the end, destroy them all and break the rule that I set for myself. I also played around with some red and blue floodlights I had sitting around, to keep this shot more interesting than white rice on a black speaker.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.16.43 AM
Image: Jarrad Russell

In this image, I am filming what will turn out to look a lot like the “RPM 2” video that I posted. Doesn’t look like it here, but it does on the video. You’ll have to wait and see.

Image: Jarrad Russell You: "Why would this look good in a music video, and where are the circles. This is just a messy living room and a table covered in wax shit that someone didn't clean up."
Image: Jarrad Russell

Here I am filming myself draw an eye, which I plan to time lapse and then cut apart for the music video.

Image: Jarrad Russell

In this final one, I decided to make a wax plate-thing and then cut a hole in it, so that I could use it as a mask and then put circular things inside my circular mask.

Image: Jarrad Russell

The idea was that I could use the mask at the beginning of the video, and then at the end I’ll melt it.

With fire.

Music Video Party Time!

Firstly, a post that inspired me to set my arbitrary ‘rule’ for my video – circles. More specifically, only circles. I want to make it only have one giant circle for the key information in the video. The inspiration is this video of a dude strapping a GoPro to his car wheel. Its crazy.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/101358524″>Sketch Three: Avant-Garde (R.P.M. 2)</a>

So I’m gonna throw down some links and some GIFs of music videos that I really like. The embedding is set so that if you hit play and watch for 10 seconds, it will be a part of the clip I particularly like.

Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know

I really like the animation line-art style in this video. I don’t think Id be able to do this myself, but I’d like to do a little bit of some simple vector art animation in my video.

Arctic Monkeys – Arabella

I like this video for it’s camera movement, and also the editing – reversing the speed, jump cuts, freezing the image. The film roll effect is a bit boring, but it fits the style for this video I guess.

Holy Holy – History

The camera on a Jib makes this video really cool. Trying to do something similar to this, with people disappearing and reappearing in a house is one of my music video ideas,  I really like it.

San Cisco – Run

EDIT: This is the video I dreamed to make. It is super crazy with all its tacky effects and layer masks and CIRCLES! It even has circles and I completely forgot about it – I came and added the links in once I’d already finished my video. This clip just makes me depressed and feel like the biggest amateur. Maybe on the holidays I’ll go out and try to copy this one. They even had the paint in the water idea. I didn’t steal it, I promise. I’m just devastated.

So there you go, four videos that will probably make mine look like a 4 year old produced it. We’ll see what happens.

Crashing like the Hindenburg

So I’ve now reached the deadlines I’ve set for “master and mix” my song. For those that don’t know,  mixing is something that you do when you have all the tracks recorded. And then mastering is for when you’ve finished your mixing.

I haven’t recorded all of the tracks. As I said in my proposal, I needed to get a singer in to record the vocals. I did manage to get them in, but they were super busy and just couldn’t find the time to record the rest of the song. I will make a quick little, super un-finished mixdown of the tracks that I have recorded, including the chorus so I can prove that I did actually do something on this. Unfortunately though, I am going to have to can the idea of writing the song for my video.

Please don’t judge me if any of it sounds ridiculous though – I don’t have the time to polish this into a song that doesn’t sound really raw and awkward.

I am really disappointed that it didn’t come together, but ultimately the project goal was to make a video anyway – I am a FAV major, so I was only writing the song so I had copyright over the music.

I do know which song I’ll be using in place of mine, and its an un-released song by FLUME called That Look. It is a similar concept to the song I wrote, and it has some really awesome sounds in there that I wanna work with in my video.


So I’ve been jamming around with a heap of song ideas. (Hey, I said Jamming on purpose). I’ve just discovered some music by Glass Animals that I’ve really gotten into, and so I decided to try and write a song in their style – A high, whispy male singer set to some jungle like electronic drums and synthesisers and little guitar riffs.

I tend to write lyrics first, so even though I have some music sorted, here are the song lyrics that I’m working with. They tend to change a bit/get added to when I get a singer in and we actually record the track (the chorus has been recorded and we already added to that one, for instance.) This is a bit because on paper, it looks like a lot of words, but then it takes 15 seconds to sing and we sit there and go, “yeah it needs a bit more…”. Anyway, without further adieu,

Break the glass,
step on me at last
with a wink and smile
or talk here for a while
Oh I can imagine what its like
to see you in mu ch less light
feel you held close, tight
hear you gasp, take flight.
But Im not sure,
No not yours, not at all.
And I’ve got twisted thoughts,
and you’ve been seen and caught
I think I know just what you want
your eyes catch mine again
and you still haven’t stopped
what you want’ is what
you’ve already got
Why are you there when I try not to see?
Why do you think that stolen water is sweeter?
You’ve got me horrified,
and shaking at the thought of why.
Hey, well, welcome to my mind
I can see you how I like,
and how you mostly might
want me to see you
But Im not sure,
No not yours, not at all.
And I’ve got twisted thoughts,
and you’ve been seen and caught
and I do know what you want
and I think its what you’ve already got.
My attention is not enough
not for you tonight girl
no, you still want more
And I’ve got twisted thoughts,
twisted to what you want.
These lyrics really fit the style of Glass Animals to the extent that you could probably seamlessly sing it over one of their songs.  There is a bit of a fine line between copying plainly and having an influence though. The rule I set was to make the song have a similar feeling, through the style, and I think that it enabled some great creativity because it was a starting point for my lyrics. But then again, it’s also very clearly down the same vein as fan-fiction, in that the creative style wasn’t my work.
However, I doubt if I was writing a typical rock song then I would be having the same discussion with myself. I think it would be near impossible to sing a rock song that didn’t sound like any other rock song. I just chose a very, very specific style to follow.